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Commitment & Advantages

My deep commitment to improving the well-being of Dog and Owner:

I have a strong desire to keep dogs in happy homes, which in turn helps control the increasing population in animal shelters, by educating owners on leadership (opening up a clear line of communication between handler and dog) and the responsibilities that come with having a dog and by working with shelter dogs to make them more adoptable (by ironing out undesirable behaviors in exchange for desirable ones).

Advantages with Underdog K-9 Academy:

Training takes place in the dog's and owner's practical environment, where the learned obedience skills would be put to use; cuts on travel time and gas expense; mobile services available; high quality training tools ( such as collar and leash) are provided by trainer; acquired obedience training lasts for the whole life of your trained dog.

Vet Recommended

I am recommended by: Animal Care Center (on Winton Rd.), Harrison Animal Hospital (Harrison, OH), Westside Animal Hospital (on Glenway), Dr. Carol A. Karlewicz (Mt. Healthy), Lewis Animal Hospital, and Grady Veterinary Hospital.

Hours & Customer Evaluation

The fact that my business is flexible with hours and location makes it more practical for those various owners who have different lifestyles. My services are convenient and can fit into practically anyone’s regimen. My services make it easier for those who have busy lifestyles and still wish to make time to invest in their dog’s well-being. As a dog owner myself, I value the incredible relationship and companionship man and dog can establish. There is nothing like it.